Senora of the Superstitions by Pinkie Paranya

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Can Jowanna McFarland survive in the sinister mountains long enough to find her missing father, solve the mystery of his buried treasure and stake a claim to the elusive heart of Kane Landry? *** The old house stands in the desert, ringed in the distance by the ominous Superstition Mountains. In the night, winds whisper through the salt cedars, while somewhere in the dark a puma screams a cry of death. From up the narrow, shadowy staircase come noises no one is supposed to hear, the ghostly figure of a woman at the top of the stairway, and the pervasive, faint smell of perfume. Could it be the tragic ghost of the Senora of the Superstitions, a legend that has lived for a hundred years? When Jowanna meets Kane, she is inexplicably drawn to this rough-hewn rancher but senses he holds secrets that could mean life or death to her.