Location Filming in Arizona: The Screen Legacy of the Grand Canyon State

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by: Lili DeBarbieri


The scenic natural vistas of Arizona's deserts and mountains have made it a favorite backdrop of movies and television shows. Westerns such as silent-era pictures derived from Zane Grey fiction through the John Ford-John Wayne classics "Stagecoach "and "The Searchers "benefited from the beautiful and rugged landscapes. TV classics such as "Gunsmoke" and "Little House on the Prairie" helped define Arizona's allure for Hollywood. Oscar winners "Jerry Maguire" and "Little Miss Sunshine "took advantage of the infrastructure that accumulated to lure filmmakers to Tucson, Yuma, Phoenix, Prescott, Sedona and all corners of the Grand Canyon State". Join author Lili DeBarbieri as she looks at the movies and shows shot in the state, as well as other aspects of Arizona film culture.